Bani Pangasinan is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. It is located between Alaminos City and Bolinao. According to the latest census, it has a population of 45,652 people in 8,910 households.
The town of Bani was founded on March 18, 1769, used to be a part of the province of Zambales. In May 1903, it was transferred to Pangasinan together with the towns of Agno, Alaminos, Anda, Bolinao, Burgos, Dasol, Infanta and Mabini because the provincial capital then, Iba, was very far and transportation was difficult.

The original name of the town was San Simon. Historical records show that the townsite was transferred from Namagbagan to sitio Almacin in 1859 due to conditions harmful to the health of the residents because of the terrain of the site and for convenience.

The cool and invigorating water of the stream, schools of fish playing in the water, wildlife peeping from the nearby forest, and the fertile lands that would yield golden harvest are the reason why settlers from other provinces preferred to stay in the town.

The Origin of Bani Pangasinan

Legend follows that the image of the Immaculate Conception, the Patron Saint of the town, then called San Simon, disappeared from the church altar. Searching by the people and Spanish authorities yielded the statue on top of the tall Bani tree located in the vicinity of the present Roman Catholic Church. The image was brought back to the church at Namagbagan, but it was continuously lost and found in the same manner. The people were then convinced to leave their homes at Namagbagan and to settle at the present site. The town was later named Bani after the tree where the image of the Patroness was found..

Bani Pangasinan is politically subdivided into 27 barangays.

  • Ambabaay

  • Aporao

  • Arwas

  • Ballag

  • Banog Norte

  • Banog Sur

  • Calabeng

  • Centro Toma

  • Colayo

  • Dacap Norte

  • Dacap Sur

  • Garrita

  • Luac

  • Macabit

  • Masidem

  • Ranao

  • Ranom Iloco

  • San Jose

  • San Miguel

  • San Simon

  • San Vicente

  • Tiep

  • Tipor

  • Tugui Grande

  • Tugui Norte


Top secret Beauty of Bani Pangsinan

The town of Bani Pangasinan is rich in natural resources. If you are looking for a relaxing place for you to stay in Pangasinan, Bani will be the best for you.

Bani have many hot spot beaches for beach lovers. You will enjoy swimming in the clean white sand beaches and rocky beach areas of Bani.

You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of their waterfalls “ Baliwangga falls”.

Bani also have unexplored caves where you can explore by yourself to see lots of bats, rock formations inside the caves and species of birds.

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